By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: For the half year ended 30 September, BSR Australia Limited announced a profit before tax of $0.8 million dollars, which exceeded the company’s forecast and BSR also declared an interim dividend of 10 cents per share, representing a ten percent return.

In a media statement today, BSR Australia general manager Ian Brown talked about re-investing into the group.

“During the past year, the company has strengthened its balance sheet and we are now expanding the business and reinvesting in infrastructure and the services that we provide back to our retailers,” said Brown.

“The Group’s aim is to maintain a strong balance sheet to enable future investment in value-added retailer services such as IT infrastructure, marketing and brand development.”

In the statement, Brown also said the strong performance, which included an increase in total income, was fuelled by turnover generated during recent conference buying periods and improved like-for-like sales at a retailer level.

“Individual retailers of the Group have also enjoyed an increase in the level of returns paid to them by the company in the form of electronic and printed advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns, direct rebate payments, core bonus incentives and IT infrastructure services,” Brown.

“This level of return represents a ‘pass back’ to retailers of more than 64 per cent of the Group’s total income for this six-month period, an increase of six per cent on the previous five month trading period which ended 31 March.”

Brown said the success of the company was also highlighted by 10 new franchises joining the company in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales during the six-month trading period.

“This result is obviously an excellent platform to grow our business from in the coming year, with further new members to be announced in coming months,” he said.