By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Like a famous Harvard-trained symbologist in a Dan Brown novel, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is peeling back the layers and uncovering a hidden world for movie fans with a new Blu-ray function.

Once upon a time, a stick and a clay tablet was the latest technology for creating and sharing content. Centuries later, the quill pen and paper was a major leap forward, as was the printing press. Sharing content is an enduring concept and many methods of sharing it evolved up to today, where the latest technology being promoted to the masses is Blu-ray.

It’s taken a little while for Blu-ray to find traction in the market but now a new functionality called movie IQ is aimed at further boosting the appeal of Blu-ray.

With an internet-enabled Blu-ray player and a Blu-ray movie with movieIQ, viewers can access content from Gracenote, which is a real-time movie database.

Given the current popularity of Dan Bran novels, including his latest, The Lost Symbol, it’s fitting and timely that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is first releasing movieIQ in Australia on Angels and Demons, which is now available in retail stores nationally.

Angels and Demons fans can follow the prompts on the Blu-ray disc to reveal updated information on cast and crew as well as movie trivia including production facts, music and soundtrack information all relevant to particular scenes within the movie.

Upcoming Sony Pictures titles to receive the movieIQ treatment include Terminator Salvation and Year One. Existing titles such as The Mask of Zorro, The Quick and the Dead, Silverado and sex, lies, and videotape will also incorporate movieIQ.