By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: ViewSonic, an emerging supplier of LCD TVs, amongst other products, has provided an interesting insight into why some brands have chosen not to join Product Stewardship Australia (PSA), the representative lobby group looking to establish a television recycling scheme.

Whereas PSA executive officer John Gertsakis calls non-member suppliers “freeriders”, ViewSonic country manager William Tse explained that many more factors need to be considered. This was his response when asked the question: with so many other suppliers investing time and money into PSA, why some have decided not to join.

“Existing Product Stewardship Australia (PSA) members are conglomerates that have large operations in Australia. ViewSonic is a global company, however with a small business set up locally compared with PSA member companies. Becoming a member of PSA at this point in time would not be beneficial or economically viable for ViewSonic. PSA membership is not compulsory and without legislation in place, members are effectively lobbyists. ViewSonic in this instance has resolved to use available funds towards introducing a recycling program for Australia and is currently in talks with environmental agencies.

“ViewSonic has a global recycling plan that is filtering down to its regions. ViewSonic is a green business, from parts and production, to energy use and end of life, and observes environmentally responsible practices as an ISO 14001 certified company. All ViewSonic LCDs and LCD TVs are made from plastic that can be recycled at their end of life and in the last five years the company has reduced its waste by 1.3 million pounds [~590,000 kilograms].

“ViewSonic is a proactive, progressive, responsible company that is aware of its environmental obligations. ViewSonic also recognises PSA still has to fully develop the foundation and to be labelled a ‘freerider’ today would be inaccurate. Once PSA completely pans out, ViewSonic will have no hesitation jumping on board. By then there will most likely be a government regulatory scheme, membership may become compulsory, and the value for companies and the community will be great.” has contacted PSA for a response.