Samsung has boosted its reputation as a leading LCD TV brand in Australia by winning the GfK Number One Award for 2008.

The latest research from GfK retail audit data has helped improve Samsung’s already strong position in the market and confirms that Samsung’s LCD technology is the clear winner in terms of unit sales across Australia.

“The Series 9 LCD launched last year as the hero of the Samsung LCD range has consistently been called one of the best LCD televisions on the market,” commented Mark Leathan, general manager, CE marketing, Samsung Australia.

“We’re excited that consumers believe in Samsung’s innovation and technology leadership as the preferred LCD brand. This has been demonstrated consistently through the power of their purchasing and retailers recommending Samsung,” he said.

GfK provides an award every year to the leading brand in each category across Asia Pacific countries. The award is based on units sold for the 12 month period from January to December 2008 and is only given to brands in general distribution.