By Keri Algar

NSW: Police are speaking with the manager of a 24-hour department store selling small appliances following an armed robbery early this morning.

Shortly after 3am three men entered the Nowra Kmart located within a shopping centre on the Princess Highway in New South Wales. Armed with a rifle and bow and arrow the robbers threatened staff while demanding the manager open the safe.

The bow and arrow bandits left the store with cash but not merchandise, according to a Kmart representative.

The thieves got away in a stolen Toyota Camry station wagon, which has been found and seized for forensic testing.

Police are appealing for information and have described the armed men as wearing bandanas across their faces, sunglasses and hooded jumpers.

Two of the men are believed to be of Caucasian appearance while the third man is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance and with a heavy accent.