By Sarah Falson

GRANVILLE: Emilia Glem has spruced up its marketing campaign and will this year go hard in the built-in cooker and gas cooktop categories, releasing nine new Glem built-in ovens, including an Australian-first double pyrolitic model.

A new brochure set to hit retail stores at the end of May will detail the Italian-made oven series, which includes a classic four-function 60cm fan-forced oven up to a nine-function double oven with pyrolitic cleaning feature, which heats the oven to 500 degrees and bakes cooking residue off the oven’s cavity surfaces – including the door and hard-to-reach areas – leaving a fine ash which is simple to wipe off.

According to Emilia Glem general manager, David Gilmore, the pyrolitic ‘easy clean’ function will be a major draw card for the range.

“Cooking appliance companies are searching and stretching to find the correct application of technology. We’ve seen automatic recipe and time systems, but some of the more advanced technology isn’t appropriately applied, and is therefore not what people are after,” he told

“We however have the technology available to us, but we also have the answer to what consumers want – our big push this year is the easy clean feature. Our new ovens will have quite distinctive feature never before seen in Australia. Ovens are about to take a big leap.”

Glem ovens are manufactured in Italy, though Australian company Emilia Glem is a factory-owned subsidiary of Glem Gas SpA in Modena, Italy. According to Gilmore, Emilia Glem supports its retailers and is uniquely positioned to offer them premium products for extraordinary value.

“We are the only Italian cooking supplier in Australia that is factory-owned. We are select with our distribution so retailers can be safe to assume they won’t get stuck with our products. Glem products sell through – we don’t put them in the stores to look pretty. We are a highly-motivated supplier who offers our retailers full factory support, top specification products, and great marketing and after sales service,” said Gilmore.

“Glem is placed in a really difficult part of the cooking market – mid- to high-end. If you’re not high-end Miele or one of those nothing brands on the bottom, in between it’s a punch-up between us and Blanco.

“We’re selling a superior product with a weaker brand name, while some sell a superior brand name with a weaker product. We are increasing the level of our brand this year. We are more consumer focused. Our new brochures have a much softer approach, with more benefit.”

Emilia Glem will also roll-out two other cooking ranges this year, the first of which – a new range of Glem gas cooktops to match the new pyrolitic ovens – will be revealed at the Harvey Norman conference in Melbourne next week.

Another range of Glem cookers will also be introduced in September.

“These are absolute top-end cookers. They’re beautiful, with a leading edge design, brand new from our new automated factory,” said Gilmore.