By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Black and Stone, one of the leading suppliers of heating and gas safety product, is launching its first television advertising campaign. The new campaign, which will run from 1 December 2009, is designed to support retailers by driving consumers into outlets.

Chris de Florac, Black and Stone’s director of marketing, told that this campaign will focus on the group’s gas safety gauge. De Florac said the advertisements will stress the four key product features of this gauge: shut off in the event of a leak, gas level, leak detection and child safety.

There are two versions of the commercial: a full-length 30-second spot and a 15-second version. These ads will be running across both the free-to-air and pay television platforms.

De Florac said this campaign will be supported with attractive packaging, merchandising trays with information headers, large format posters and instore DVDs to explain how the gauges work.

“These gauges are great for gas refills, barbeques, outdoor patio heaters, campers and child safety,” said de Florac. “They’re a must have for motor homes and caravan owners.”