By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Motorola is encouraging retailers to sell an entire home Bluetooth ecosystem and will launch a new Bluetooth USB dongle with stereo music streaming enabling a home PC to beam music wirelessly around the home.

With a range of Bluetooth stereo music products now on offer, Motorola believes the mobile phone and a home PC equipped with the new D200 USB Bluetooth dongle can become central to the home music environment through the application of Bluetooth technology.

Launching next month, the D200 Bluetooth stereo music adaptor will integrate with Motorola’s other Bluetooth products employing the A2DP Bluetooth protocol including the brand’s mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, wireless Music Duo iPod dock and the Bluetooth home stereo adaptor DC800.

 “Most homes have 10 digital devices and between two or three mobile phones. Four million mobile phones with Bluetooth are being produced every year and mobile phones have become our organisers, diaries, phonebooks and now music players,” said Motorola communications manager, Peter Joblin.

Joblin claims Motorola is now also taking Bluetooth ‘beyond the vehicle’ with its Bluetooth products range.

The company unveiled its full Bluetooth product lineup at a Sydney product launch today where the company demonstrated the interoperability of its portfolio, which includes Bluetooth headsets, headphones, transmitters and a new ski clothing line designed in conjunction with Burton.

The company recently introduced it fifth-generation Bluetooth headsets which now feature an easy pairing function whereby the headset automatically goes into pairing mode when switched on.