By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The newly released Sony Bravia Z-series includes the new Bravia Engine 3 as the driving force behind this LCD panel. Sony Australia visual display product manager, Jan Ergen, told how this new engine is improving image quality and, in turn, retail sales.

“The engineers have worked on three major areas,” said Ergen. “Basically, it’s to do with picture quality, and delivering the best picture quality on the market.”

“One is in the area of colour, the Bravia Engine 3 produces a more true to life range of colours in a very realistic manner. The second area is in contrast: it enables the TV to develop a very true-to-life contrast. Thirdly, in association with Motionflow technology, it brings to the TV the smoothest picture ever.

“We’ve got other technologies along with Motionflow, like image blur reduction, which actually smooths out the blur in the picture, which may have been captured by the camera at the point of filming, and all those technologies are integrated through the Bravia, developing the smoothest picture ever as well as the best contrast and the best colour reproduction.”

The new Z-series, which went on sale yesterday, is to be promoted by Sony’s global advertisements featuring Brazilian football prodigy, and property of Jesus, Kaka. Ergen confirmed that these advertisements will continue, despite Kaka being filmed for the spots wearing an AC Milan playing strip. Kaka has since left Italy to join Real Madrid.

Ergen could not provide any information on whether these advertisements will be reshot at some stage with Kaka wearing the famous white strip of the Spanish football giants.