Hitachi released seventh-generation DVD camcorders

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Hitachi has released its new seventh-generation DVD camcorders which the company claims have the fastest start-up time of any DVD camcorder on the market and can use any 8cm DVD disc on the market for recording due to its multi-format drive.

Two models will be available, the DZ-GX5100SW (RRP $824) with 1.3 megapixel CCD and 15x optical zoom and the DZ-GX5060SW (RRP $609) with 30x optical zoom, both with widescreen video capture SD memory card compatibility.

"In 2007, Hitachi will market a wide range of camcorders across the key technologies with different models to suit everyone from entry level users to high end enthusiasts,” said Hitachi camcorder specialist, Evan Manolis.

“These seventh generation DVD models are easy to use and offer excellent features and picture quality so everyone can effortlessly capture life’s special moments."

The new models also have fast start-up times due ‘quick to shoot’ feature which means the camcorder goes into a sleep mode when switched off enabling it to wake up in under one second.

“Start-up speed is very important. It can mean the difference between capturing or missing a magic moment which might not ever happen again,” said Manolis.a

“By pushing the ‘sleep’ mode button after starting the camcorder the ‘quick to shoot’ function allows Hitachi DVD camcorders to be turned on in approximately one second. This ensures you’re always ready to capture memories you’ll treasure for life.”

A USB 2.0 interface is also present for PC connection to allow video editing, however Hitachi has also included an on-board editing function allowing users to review, recut and reorganise scenes with basic visual transitions, all in-camera.

Hitachi’s multi-format drive will accept all major recordable 8cm DVD disc formats including DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R and DVD+RW.

Hitachi released the industry’s first DVD camcorder in 2000, spearheading a market which has grown substantially in recent years at the expense of the incumbent Mini DV tape standard.

“We invented the DVD camcorder and now we’ve significantly improved the latest generation. Our latest DVD CAM is faster and smarter, is compact in size, has a sleek design and delivers the features you need to capture your best memories ever,” said Manolis.

DVD camcorders allow consumers to remove the disc from their camcorder for instant playback in a home DVD player, eliminating the need for cable connection or PC editing to burn to DVD.