It has been revealed that the new Linksys by Cisco Media Hub, which was released today in Sydney, will be available exclusively through selected Harvey Norman retailers across Australia.

In an interview with this morning, Graeme Reardon, Cisco regional director ANZ, announced that their new media hub will only be available in initial distribution through five Harvey Norman stores across the country.

“Despite gaining a lot of interest from other retailers like Officeworks and Dick Smith Electronics, we have a strong relationship with Harvey Norman and they target the wide consumer demographic we are after,” he said.

In the initial stages of this launch Reardon emphasised that they are only targeting five stores due to the fact that they have to educate the retailers and make sure they are communicating the benefits of this device to the public.

“We don’t want to open this device to the masses, we are going to be very selective and make sure consumers understand exactly how this device works, because when it comes down to it people aren’t going to buy it if they don’t understand what it is capable of.”

To achieve this Reardon mentioned that staff from the chosen stores will be trained extensively, either by in store or office training programs. In addition to this, Cisco will also run in store demonstrations, with video support to educate consumers first hand.

Reardon commented that the initial launch of the media hub is to basically achieve feedback and comment from consumers.

“After a period of about 60-90 days we will process the consumer’s feedback and start to target other retailers who are interested in the product.”