By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Panasonic has responded to criticism of its pre-Olympics promotion, with the company standing by its Swim2Win campaign.

Sony Australia head of strategy and brand development, Toby Barbour, last week delivered a subtle jab to his rivals, when he said Sony’s free PlayStation 3 promotion was “far more appealing to consumers than many of the other ‘opportunity to win’ [his quotation marks] promotions currently on the market”.

Panasonic, which is currently running such an ‘opportunity to win’ promotion, named Swim2Win, has released this statement without attribution:

“Panasonic has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its retail partners on the ‘Swim2Win’ promotion.  We are very excited to offer this interactive promotion and share the Olympic spirit with our customers. With a prize pool totalling more than $3 million this is Panasonic’s biggest promotion ever, reflecting our commitment to the market and to our wider Olympic program.”

As reported in yesterday, Sony has completed their campaign, with all 35,000 PlayStation 3s being redeemed. It is currently unknown how successful, in terms of unit sales, the Panasonic Swim2Win campaign has been.