By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Fisher & Paykel has announced a number of promotions to encourage retail sales in the lead up to Christmas. Amongst the products included in this promotion are the Izona CookSurface, the Izona CoolDrawer, and Fisher & Paykel’s complete refrigerator range.

From 16 October, all consumers who purchase an Izona CookSurface will receive, via redemption, a 3-piece set of All-Clad cookware, valued at RRP $890

Talking about this promotion is Fisher & Paykel national brand manager Sophie Wardrop.

“Teaming the highest professional-quality All-Clad cookware with the superior performance of Izona CookSurface gives Fisher & Paykel customers the ultimate cooking experience,” she said.

Consumers who purchase an Izona CoolDrawer will receive, via redemption six bottles of Veuve Clicquot NV champagne, valued at RRP $540. Both these redemption offers will be through Fisher & Paykel’s online presence.

 “Wine mode, one of the five temperature settings of CoolDrawer, is perfect for storing champagne at the ideal drinking temperature,” Wardrop said.

“An impressive addition to any home, the flexibility of CoolDrawer enables it to be placed not only in the kitchen but also in entertaining areas.”

To promote its refrigerator models in the lead-up to Christmas, Fisher & Paykel is running a promotion on its entire range, including bar fridges. From 1 November through to 24 December 2009, consumers who purchase a 500-plus-litre fridge will receive $100 cash back. There’s $50 cashback for purchases of 400- to 500-litre fridges and $25 cash back on all fridges up to 400 litres. The best part of the promotion, however, is that 20 consumers will win the full purchase price of their new refrigerator back from the supplier.