By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Sydney-based Audio Products Group (APG) has been announced as the new distributor of Loewe products in Australia and New Zealand. APG takes over from International Dynamics Australasia, a Victorian distributor that first supplied Loewe.

The new distribution deal with the German brand, which is set to commence in January 2009, is part of a wider effort to position Loewe as a home cinema brand, rather than just a TV brand. Talking about this is Loewe AG general manager distributors, Ulf Kaempfer.

“We are confident that our new distributor and our attractive and individualised home cinema solutions labelled ‘Made in Germany’ will give us a lasting leg up in this significant market," said Kaempfer.

Talking about the deal from the distribution side is APG managing director, Ken Dwyer.

“APG has strong market presence and infrastructure,” said Dwyer. “That combined with the excellent Loewe product range and the overall guidance and support from the Loewe AG will result in a very formidable long term partnership.”