By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG has launched a new black 7.5kg Steam Washer to add to their range of washers and washer/dryers.

The new model, SKU WD14756SD, was launched today, along with the smaller capacity 7kg white model, WD14750SD.

LG’s steam washer range uses steam to help break down enzymes in laundry powder to increase cleaning power.

The new model also has LG’s new Intelligent Washing System, which senses load size and sets water temperature, level and cycle time after pushing one button. The system is supposed to prevent users from selecting excessive spin speeds and temperatures.

The new product also detects and adjusts imbalances and excessive suds during operation and adjusts to compensate.

“LG acknowledges the changing lifestyle of today’s consumers and therefore we’ve developed a product which is compact, stylish and easy to use.  LG is not only keeping up with trends, we are surpassing expectations in the laundry arena,” said major appliances category manager, Glacel Lubrin.

Both black and white models are rated four stars for both water and energy.

The black WD14756SD will sell for an RRP of $1,874, while the 7kg white model (WD14750SD), will sell for $1,749 RRP.