Nutrition Australia has launched National Nutrition Week (October 16-21), joining some of Australia’s biggest food and wellness industry partners to boost awareness of the importance of vegetables to health and wellbeing, including Aus Veg, Good and Fugly, Fight Food Waste, Mitolo Family Farms, Sanitarium, Simplot, and Vitamix.

Nutrition Australia’s ‘Try for 5’ campaign aims to encourage Australians to try for five serves of vegetables every day by providing educational yet simple solutions to help get the most out of fresh and frozen vegetables.

The 2023 campaign kicked off with a launch event incorporating a panel of industry experts from leading Australian vegetable growers, research bodies, health food and food waste organisations, sharing their knowledge to help raise awareness about the importance of vegetables to health and wellbeing.

To highlight how easy it is to make ‘veggie-packed’ recipes simply and quickly, Vitamix hosted a showcase event with Australian chef and author, Tom Walton, alongside a ‘Brekkie Bowl Challenge’ with Sydney high school students demonstrating how to add vegetables to the most important meal of the day.

With educational messages around the importance of ‘using it all’ and ‘loving your leftovers’ coming to the fore, Vitamix demonstrated how this is possible with zero waste through its blender recipes for smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, sauces, mains and more, that encourage use of whole fruits and vegetables.

Fackelmann Housewares brand manager for Vitamix Australia, Melissa Lyras said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Nutrition Australia as we look to further educate about how to make the most of vegetables for health and ultimately to save food waste.

“This is a natural fit and an important collaboration during a critical time in the health and wellbeing of Australians. Feeling healthier through increasing daily intake of vegetables and fruits is paramount. Being able to make and recreate recipes and drinks at home to provide nourishment is extremely satisfying and a great way to make the most of your Vitamix and vegetables.”

Nutrition Australia CEO, Lucinda Hancock said, “Vegetables are at the centre of healthy eating and a critical part of our diet for people of all ages. They can safeguard us from chronic health conditions – such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity, but we still don’t eat as many as we should.

“This year’s Try For 5 campaign comes at a critical time for Australians when food waste is costing households more than ever before and the rising cost of living is hitting hard. We want to find innovative ways to educate in this space, our partners have long been staunch advocates for eating well and avoiding food waste and we are delighted that they want to help us make a real difference at the grassroots level.”

Feature image: Melissa Lyras (Vitamix), Tom Walton (chef and author) & Lucinda Hancock (Nutrition Australia).