Vintec is providing exclusive insights into the world of wine with the Vintec Club Podcast.

Winemakers from around Australia and abroad are invited to share their background and philosophy, as well as the story behind the wine label, in an intimate interview setting.

Since launch in November 2020, the Vintec Club Podcast has garnered more than 4,000 listeners, including Vintec wine cabinet owners who want to get the most from their wine collection.

“We wanted our customers to get to know which wines they should fill their cabinet with; how long they should cellar them and at what temperature they should serve them, along with food pairing suggestions,” Vintec Club coordinator and podcast co-host, Alexis Desbrugeres said.

“With the Vintec Club Podcast, any wine lover will realise the importance of having appropriate storage to preserve and extend the life of their wine collection.”

More recently, the Vintec team started another format, ‘The Collecting Series’, to offer recommendations of regions, producers, rising star winemakers, and hidden gems, alongside cellaring tips and ideal serving temperatures and conditions.

Meeting wine experts for ‘The Collecting Series’ strengthens the link between Vintec and the wine industry, according to Vintec brand manager and podcast co-host, Thibaut Caumont.

“Our listeners benefit from tips from the industry’s best. With the podcast, we are reaching a broader audience by talking to any wine enthusiast with a format that is constantly growing and adapted to today’s content consumption. Any wine lover will learn more about wine with the Vintec Club Podcast,” he said.

The Vintec team is now inviting retail partners to tune into the podcasts to help demystify wine cellaring and strengthen their own expertise when delivering the sales pitch.

The Vintec Club Podcast can be downloaded here or followed on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. 

Feature image: Vintec Club coordinator & podcast co-host, Alexis Desbrugeres and Vintec brand manager & podcast co-host, Thibaut Caumont with Clonakilla winemaker & CEO, Tim Kirk.