Cut mixing time by over 50%

Now the new Breville BEM800 with the innovative Scraper BeaterTM, scrapes the bowl so you don’t have to. How it works is that the Scraper BeaterTM  folds ingredients and continuously scrapes down the sides and bottom of the bowl, while mixing.  It virtually eliminates hand scraping the bowl with a spatula and it cuts mixing time by up to 60 per cent.*  The result is thoroughly mixed batters for cakes, biscuits, frosting and more.

As in professional patisseries, the BEM800 also utilises planetary action, where the attachments spin independently while making continual rotations around the bowl, to ensure that ingredients are thoroughly mixed.


This revolutionary mixer features a die-cast and metal body for durability and stability.  While the motor and internal components work together efficiently, maximising performance and minimising noise.

Additional features include 1000 watts of power, a count up and down timer for precise mixing, a large 4.7 litre stainless steel mixing bowl with handle and electronic variable speed control.

Other accessories included: Scraper BeaterTM, wire whisk, flat beater, dough hook and splash guard for easily adding ingredients and prevent splattering.

Experienced bakers and kitchen novices alike will find this stylish and professional machine to be ideal for everything from mixing cookie dough and cake batters to kneading bread dough.  It retails for $549.95.

For further information, visit or call customer service on 1300 139 798.

*Tested creaming butter and sugar against standard BEM800 beater.