Display specialist ViewSonic is focusing on raising its profile beyond monitors and into a range of commercial technology products with the launch of a slew of new business products in 2014.

Known mostly for its display products, particularly computer monitors, projectors and LCD panels, the company has expanded its product range further into office projectors, digital signage, cloud-connected smart displays and touch screens.

The selection of products in the commercial range follows the trends evident in working environments such as the increased use of touch screens and cloud-based computing.

The new ViewBoard Series is an interactive touchscreen whiteboard that operates on Windows 8, as well as having versatile input options to connect to other digital devices. Ideal for meeting rooms and classrooms is Series is available in 55-, 65-, 70- and 84-inch displays. The largest display, which will be available this year, will be a 4K model.

In cloud-based technology, ViewSonic has the Thin and Zero Client devices, which are endpoint devices in a virtual desktop Infrastructure (VDI). These are endpoint desktop displays that are hosted on a remote central server. Files, data, and applications are stored on a central server.

ViewSonic said VDI offers lower cost and energy use than traditional PCs and improved IT security.

In digital signage, ViewSonic launched the ePoster, a high definition digital poster, for retail, hospitality and public transport areas. They have touch screens, a built-in content player and versatile input options (USB, HDMI, RJ45, D-SUB).

ViewSonic projectors are equipped with SuperColour Technology to offer a better projection and user viewing experience. With the support for 1080P high resolution and 3D Blu-ray, the user can enjoy true-to-life colour accuracy.

Apart from the new product categories, ViewSonic is also innovating in monitors, its bread and butter, with the addition of flicker-free technology. Designed to be kinder on eyes, the technology eliminates on-screen flickers. Vivid colours and wide-screen viewing are also features of the monitor range.

Fun fact: although ViewSonic is a US company they chose an Australia bird as its logo. Native to northern Australia, the Gouldian finch was selected for its vibrant colours and a colony of the tiny birds can be found at ViewSonic headquarters in the US.