Queensland based audio visual specialist, Videopro has switched its in-house laser printers to lower energy consumption and more sustainable Epson inkjet solutions.

Videopro’s in-house copiers and laser printers were previously supplied under a cost per page plan and service agreement. The equipment was old, becoming increasingly unreliable and the finance contract was about to end, according to Videopro CEO, Cameron Douglas.

“After hearing about the savings that were to be had by switching to Epson’s document solutions range of business copiers and printers, we investigated how this could benefit our business,” he said.

This led to Videopro upgrading to a faster, better featured and more reliable fleet of devices which would save thousands of dollars on service costs. In addition, by using Epson’s Heat-Free print technology, Videopro would reduce copier-related CO2 emissions by over 1,600 kg.

“With our business servicing a wide range of sectors and locations, the goal was to find a technology partner that could provide products that could support our requirements while also maintaining value and consistency with a maintenance and support program. That partner was Epson,” Douglas said.

“We came up with an assessment criteria that best fitted the requirements across the business, including initial costs, ongoing costs, suitability of product range and the technology used. There were initially some questions about moving from laser printers to an inkjet solution in a corporate environment, but by experiencing the Epson range of printers we quickly saw the significant benefits of using inkjet over laser.
“The Epson WF-C20600 was chosen as the main print device at our head office as this allows for additional finishing options such as the stapler and booklet finisher. A combination of Epson WF-C579RTC, Epson WF-M5799 and Epson WF-M5299 units are used in our other locations that don’t have access to the main printer.”

The benefits of Epson’s inkjet printing solutions over any laser solutions are not just obvious but immediate, according to Douglas.

“By switching to Epson inkjet printing solutions there were immediate savings as the initial costs were less than all other laser options. Ongoing support and consumables are well priced, have a fast turnaround time and there were savings from the reliability of the Epson printers, which have not had any real downtime,” he said.

“Energy savings are certainly a big part of the overall savings too. Overall, we have found the Epson document solutions inkjet range to be beneficial to the business and our users, while also offering a positive environmental impact by reducing energy and CO2 emissions.”