LG Electronics has presented this year’s TV and soundbar range during a media event at Allianz Stadium in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, recognising 2024 as the ‘year of sport’ with the Euros kicking off in June followed by the Olympics in July.

The 2024 range incorporates 35 new OLED TV models, boasting more powerful processors and improved brightness levels, as well as larger screen sizes with a new 98-inch QNED TV and 97-inch OLED M wireless TV. LG is also introducing new form factors including the LG StanbyME Go portable screen in a suitcase.

In 2024, LG is making its OLED and QNED TVs more accessible with launch pricing for the 55- and 65-inch B4 OLED models and 65-inch QNED86 model being 20% and 25% less than in 2023 respectively.

LG general manager of home entertainment, Josh Marshall delivers a run-down of the 2024 LG TV and soundbar range including details of a launch offer in conjunction with retail partners.

LG’s 2024 OLED TVs feature a range of upgrades powered by the company’s latest Alpha (α) 11 AI processor. The G4 and M4 OLED evo models deliver a 70% improvement in graphic performance and a 30% faster processing speed compared to predecessors.

LG has integrated various AI features across select models in the 2024 line-up. Personalised Picture Wizard creates picture quality customised to preference. By selecting a few images, deep learning algorithms apply settings to suit the viewer for a more personalised viewing experience.

AI Brightness Control measures the brightness of the room and intuitively adjusts picture balance, while AI Super Upscaling sharpens objects and backgrounds that may appear blurry, delivering a clearer and more vibrant viewing experience. Brightness Booster and Brightness Booster Max work to increase brightness levels up to 30% and 150% respectively.

This year’s TVs also feature Filmmaker Mode to maintain creative integrity by the UHD Alliance, which replicates a film the way the director intended. This feature is enhanced in select 2024 models with Dolby Vision.

LG’s 2024 QNED TV range combines LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies, with a 98-inch model joining the line-up. Equipped with the new Alpha (α) 8 AI Processor, viewers will benefit from significant improvements in graphic performance and processing speeds across the range.

Visuals are enhanced by the addition of AI Picture Pro, which presents a more realistic image through deep learning that can distinguish faces, objects, and background images. Similarly, Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits the picture into blocks, analysing each in real time to detect the brightest and darkest areas to elevate details. Exclusive to the QNED91 Mini LED model is Million Grey Scale, differentiating between shades of grey and representing gradation with a 20-bit accuracy.

The LG Lifestyle Screen range reflects the company’s commitment to products that deliver differentiated usability for any lifestyle.

The LG OLED M4 TV is the world’s first OLED TV capable of wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz, thanks to the Zero Connect box. Improving on the M3 (pictured), the additional 24Hz transmission of the M4 provides accurate detail and an elevated sense of immersion. It features a One Wall Design, allowing the TV to sit flush against the wall.

A new model to the Lifestyle Screen line-up is the StanbyME Go housed in a carrycase designed to withstand environmental factors. Equipped with a built-in battery, screen protection and speakers, this model is ideally suited to watching movies, playing games and streaming content on-the-go.

When in Table Mode, it becomes a digital boardgame or turntable. Featuring an adjustable screen by height, orientation, and viewing angle, users can access content via the built-in LG webOS platform with the ability to connect iOS or Android devices.  

LG marketing manager for home entertainment, Tony Brown explains the key features of the LG StanbyME Go, OLED M Wireless TV and the broader LG OLED and QNED TV line-up. [Credit: LG Electronics Australia]

LG’s 2024 soundbar line-up is designed to match the company’s 2024 TVs with improved connectivity between TV and soundbar products, and advanced audio technologies including the new WOWCAST Ready feature, which provides uninterrupted 7.2.1 channel audio without cables to compatible LG TV models.

WOW Orchestra returns to select 2024 models, combining the power of the TV and soundbar speakers when paired with compatible LG TVs, equipped with Dolby Atmos and driven by the advanced technology of DTS:X.

Headlining the new 2024 LG soundbar range, the S95TR delivers 810W output through 15 channels. With AI Room Calibration Pro, audio output is tailored to the space through internal microphones and spatial awareness technology that analyse the room and adjust audio frequencies and balance settings.

Improved for 2024, AI Room Calibration Pro extends its capability to calibrate the audio of the rear speakers, expanding audio immersion and offering more flexibility for installation. AI Sound Pro, featured across all 2024 LG soundbar models, analyses the content source audio and adjusts accordingly.

Boasting five up-firing channels, including a centre up-firing speaker, the S95TR creates a three-dimensional audio experience. Further enhancing audio quality is the triple-up firing channels for superb voice clarity and a wide sound stage. The S95TR soundbar is discrete in design, featuring a matte colour palette, materials, and finish to reduce reflections.

The LG SG10TY sound bar features 420W power, 3.1 channels and is designed to pair with LG’s premium G Series OLED evo TVs, enabled with WOW Orchestra, WOWCAST Ready technology and WOW Interface to access and manage soundbar settings directly on the TV screen.

The SG10TY is Wi-Fi enabled to listen to audio content through streaming platforms including Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and Google Chromecast. Its slim profile aligns seamlessly with the LG OLED G series TV. When wall mounted, it leaves minimal gap between the soundbar and wall, complimenting the One Wall Design of the LG OLED G series.

With a compact design, the S70TY perfectly pairs with LG QNED TVs. Equipped with Triple Level Spatial Sound and a centre up-firing speaker, the S70TY boasts three-dimensional sound.

LG Smart-Up Mixer converts two-channel audio into a virtual multi-channel surround sound experience. Also equipped with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and a 120Hz pass-through, the S70TY soundbar is an ideal companion for gaming enthusiasts, freeing up ports and ensuring low input lag.  

The LG soundbar range also includes the S60T and S40T models, suiting homes of all shapes and sizes for households to enjoy immersive and premium home entertainment experiences.