By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: As Samsung Electronics Australia reports strong year to date results, the company has also announced a comprehensive restructuring of its sales and marketing teams. broke the news on Monday that Samsung Electronics Australia’s director of marketing, Kurt Jovais, was promoted to a role in Samsung’s New York Office. We can now report that Samsung Electronics Australia has made comprehensive changes to its sales and marketing teams.

Former director of Sales, Michael Richardson, has been promoted to director – Retail Sales and Marketing. According to Samsung, Richardson will lead a team that comprises national account managers, state retail sales managers and supply chain management

An unfortunate casualty in the restructure is Mark Beard, whose role of general manager – Retail Sales was made redundant.

Mark Leathan, head of marketing for consumer electronics will now report to Michael Richardson.

Formerly business unit manager for Notebooks, Emmauele Silanesu has also been promoted to national product and marketing manager – IT.

In a statement, Samsung Electronics Australia managing director, K.Y Choi, explained the changes and paid tribute to Mark Beard’s contribution to the company.

“Samsung is delivering innovation and technology that is resonating with customers and retailers alike,” said K.Y Choi. “This is evident through our strong local market share and growth. This is the right time to make proactive and positive changes that reflect where Samsung is as a business in Australia.

“We believe the new team structure will help speed up decision making with key customers, as well as give greater autonomy and accountability to national account managers and state managers.

“We recognise the significant contribution and commitment that Mark Beard has provided to Samsung Australia over the last decade and wish him all the best for the future.”