By Claire Reilly

Harvey Norman has used its Melbourne CBD store to create a unique experiential space for audio accessories, designed specifically for its busy city demographic. 

Known as iPod Central, the space acts as a concept store-within-a-store where consumers can come in to try out different headphones or experiment with different products.

According to staff, the most common customers at the Melbourne City store are uni students, nearby office workers and commuters looking to buy quality headphones to wear as a statement accessory or for listening to music on the tram ride home. 

As the only Harveys store within the city area, and the only store to have a display of this kind, the shopfront is well-placed to cater to local needs and offer customers a unique shopping experience.

The entrance to iPod Central. Floor signage like the decal at the bottom of the image is used all through the wider Harvey Norman store as a way of directing customers and driving foot traffic.
Consumers can sit at one of the many experience stations and try out different headphone models.
A close-up of a set of Monster headphones.
Bud-style earphones are also displayed in iPod Central.
This Yamaha display drives home the music message to consumers.