Breville is looking to dominate daytime TV for the next 15 weeks, with the small appliance specialist being featured heavily in the new season of Everyday Gourmet on Channel Ten and affiliates.

This program, which is described by Breville as “the number one rating daytime food show of 2011”, is hosted by former MasterChef Australia contestant Justine Schofield. Breville is also a sponsor of Channel Ten’s other popular cooking show Ready, Steady, Cook.

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Here’s Breville general manager – marketing Scott Brady:

“We were presented with an opportunity that is about product awareness rather than just brand awareness, with unique features of key products actively discussed and showcased on the show,” Brady said. “It allows Breville to be completely integrated with this popular program and show consumers how our products are unique.

Everyday Gourmet allows Breville to engage not only with the viewing audience but also professional chefs. It’s also a platform to launch new products or highlight product features that require more demonstration and explanation than consumers may get in-store or online.

“We also show how to use the appliances to create recipes viewers may not have thought possible, for example using a blender to make sticky date puddings.”

Everyday Gourmet airs weekdays at 3:30pm.