By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Last night Braun unveiled its new Series 7 as the world’s first shaver to combine sonic technology with a dynamic shaver head. The launch coincided with the introduction of a complete re-branding and packaging initiative for Braun male grooming.

The Braun Series 7 shaver head generates over 10,000 micro-vibrations delivered per minute. Braun demonstrated that these vibrations help to expose more of the hair above the skin, leading to a closer, smoother shave.

The Series 7 is positioned as Braun’s top of line shaver — it will replace the 360 Complete and will be available in three versions.

The top of the line Braun Series 7 790cc (RRP $549) features an LCD panel and Braun’s trademarked Clean&Renew system with a 25 second Fast Clean function.

The Braun Series 7 760cc (RRP $469) features three LEDs and the Clean&Renew system without the Fast Clean function.

The third model, the Braun Series 7 720 (RRP $429), features two LEDs and comes without the Clean&Renew system.

All three models are washable.

“The Series 7 launch is exciting for Braun as well as the male grooming category,” said Braun group business manager, George O’Neil.

“Not only are we launching the first of its kind by combining sonic technology with a dynamic shaver head, but we are also launching the Series concept across all products which will assist consumers in making purchasing decisions.

“We are confident that the Series 7 shaving system will shorten replacement cycles and trade up existing Braun users as well as attract a significant number of gift purchasers, resulting in renewed category growth and an unmissable opportunity to increase retail profits.

“Series 7 also represents a significant change in ergonomic design which will resonate well with consumers as it epitomizes the product’s advanced technology and high value appeal.”

Braun also introduced a complete re-branding of all Braun male grooming shaver products. This re-branding was intended to remove the clutter and confusion of multiple shaver offerings.

The branding initiative will see all Braun male grooming shaver products offered as a series, with four distinct product families within the Braun shaver range and a clear consumer benefit behind each series.

“This will make purchasing easier for consumers by helping them make well informed choices based on their shaving needs,” explained O’Neil.

The Braun Series will include Series 7, Series 5, Series 3 and Series 1. Braun’s existing cruZer product will be rebranded Series Z and Series P will be Braun’s Pocket Shaver for travelers.

“The Braun Series platform is benchmarked after the German carmakers that have successfully created clear product differentiation through the various Series car models,” O’Neil added.

Braun is supporting the launch of this new shaving system with a $1.9 million marketing campaign, of which $1.4 million will be dedicated to advertising.