By Patrick Avenell in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, VIC: Miele will soon be offering extended warranty products across its range of home appliances, with consumers able to purchase 1-, and 3-year extentions to their included 2-year warranties on all products except floorcare.

The new products will be available from April 2010 from Miele's chartered agents, and will reinforce Miele's 'Forever Better' global dictum.
The man responsible for this product at Miele Australia is Kris Ronsmann.

He told that Miele had been working on this project for at least one year. During that time, he has sought input from Miele's chartered agents about how they would feel about extended warranties. He said the feedback had been "exceptional".

Pricing for this new venture is not yet currently available, with some of the finer details still to be finalised. Once completed, consumers will be able to purchase these warranties on Miele products such as its ovens, refrigeraters, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers.