By Claire Reilly

Amidst swirling speculation about the future of Retravision, news that as many as half of Retravision’s stores are looking to move to the Betta group, and reports that insurers have placed restrictions on securing stores in the Retravision network, the company has posted a notice on its website to ease consumer concerns.

A splash page on the Retravision site is currently display a message titled “Here for 50 years. And here to stay!” listing the strengths of the well-known Australian brand.

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The image is linked to a message from Philip Scarff, CEO of Retravision Northern, addressed to “our loyal Retravision customers of Queensland” – notably leaving out concerned consumers from other states.

“On behalf of Retravision, I would like to openly address the recent issues facing Retravision in Victoria,” reads Scarff’s message.

“The Retravision stores affected by the latest news are limited to those that comprise Retravision Southern; this is a specific group of retailers operating in southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

“All of the affected retailers are run independently to those that operate here in Queensland, Northern and Central Coast New South Wales.

“As you know, for over 50 years our Retravision stores in Queensland have been proudly locally owned and operated. Our business focus has been to ensure each Retravision store can succeed on their own merit, in their own market.

“Today, your local Retravision store is part of a strong and successful network of over 250 stores,” he continues. “This business network has ensured greater buying power that can deliver greater savings to you.

“We also know it's not just about products and profits. Retravision has always been committed to great service, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. After all, it's your ongoing support that keeps us in business.

“As part of the Queensland community, it's also important for us to give something back. That's why we're proud to do our bit for local charities and play a supporting role with many local sporting programmes.

“Retravision continues to operate at the forefront of the electrical retail industry. So remember, you'll always get the best brands at the best price, together with our great service and the assurance that we're here to stay. So see us and save!”