Uniden has announced the recent passing of founder, Mr Hidero Fujimoto at the age of 86.

“Mr Fujimoto was an influential leader who leaves behind a company that he built and operated from its global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where his spirit will continue to live on,” a statement from Uniden Australia shared with Appliance Retailer read.

“His legacy commenced in 1966, when Uniden was founded, and the company began to manufacture and sell CB and marine radios. This led to global expansion into the next decade, with Uniden’s business presence extended to the United States and Europe.

“In the 1980s, Uniden expanded its product categories and became the world’s largest manufacturer of telephones. In 1989, Uniden identified Australia and New Zealand as new growth markets and proceeded to launch its products in both countries, where Uniden is now a household name in consumer technology,” the statement continued.

“The Australian business acknowledges the enormous contribution of Mr Fujimoto as it looks to continue to market and grow the Uniden product portfolio locally,” the statement concluded.