By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: A survey conducted by has found suppliers and retailers at loggerheads over 'The China Conflict'.

Forecasting demand is a never-ending dilemma for retailers and suppliers, sometimes causing conflict between the two and a loss of potential sales.

Christmas orders are now being placed in China, a process which would be easier for suppliers if retailers could give them a better idea of sales expectations, an anonymous supplier told

The issue was highlighted again this week when the iPhone 4, released last Friday 30 July 2010, sold out of stock within the day in the majority retail outlets.

When asked JB Hi-Fi CEO, Terry Smart, how 3D TVs had been received by consumers, he said sales were good, but hinging chiefly on supply.

 “3D TVs have gone well. They’ve suffered from a lack of stock in the early days of launching. To some degrees some were probably launched a little early with a lot of hype but very little stock,” said Smart.

“A lot comes down to the experience of the buyer. While it’s only an estimate, generally we can get the initial order right. Our biggest challenge then is the supplier having the available stock to supply that estimate.”