By Patrick Avenell

Plantronics has today issued a recall on some models of its Detachable Australian Plug Adaptor for Plantronics Power Supplies. These adaptors are used to charge Plantronic office and Bluetooth headset products.

According to the ACCC, "In some rare circumstances, the faceplate of the plug adaptor, from which the pins protrude, may separate from the plug body when pulling the unit out of the socket outlet, exposing live parts and presenting an electric shock hazard."

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This product was sold nationally through electronics retailers, with OfficeWorks and EB Games specifically referenced by the ACCC.

To identify if an adaptor is affected by this recall, users should check the number code marked on the face of the plug adaptor, near the pins, as explained in this visual aide. If the number is only two digits, that adaptor is affected. If there are more than two numbers, the adaptor is not affected.

Users are advised to switch off the power at the mains before removing the socket. After checking if the model is affected, users with a two-digit pin should contact Plantronics on its website or on 1800 089 681 to organise a replacement.