By Patrick Avenell

Today is the ultimate day to sell one of the new Full HD flat panel monitors. The reason – today is World Television Day.

A relatively short commemoration, World Television Day was started by the United Nations in 1996, and is celebrated on 21 November 2008, the anniversary of the first World Television Forum. Although some celebrants will mark the occasion by watching reruns of ALF, E/R, NCIS, CSI, NYPD Blue, MASH, or some other appropriately acronymed show, retailers can use this as an opportunity to greet customers with a once-a-year pick up line.

It is unknown how many of the major TV suppliers even know about this celebration, but one certainly does: Sony. Whether by planning or coincidence, Sony has today opened for sale its Bravia Z series, which features the “groundbreaking” Motionflow 200Hz technology. If nothing else, this release proves Sony’s marketing machine has ingenuity enough to make up for an expected dip in profit due to the world economic crisis.

If this isn’t enough to get retailers shuffling their customers over to the flat panel display, then today’s other official commemoration should at least get them in a friendly mood – today is also World Hello Day.

The Sony Bravia Z series comprises 40-inch (RRP $3,399), 46-inch (RRP $4,099) and 52-inch (RRP $5,099) models.