Now you can enjoy TV your way with TOPFIELD’s high quality PVR at an attractive price. Pause your favorite show in an instant, rewind hours of live HD TV at any time and easily record on a large 250GB hard disk drive. Plug in an external hard disk drive up to 500GB to record more entertainment and transfer files to your PC/Mac using USB2.0 connectivity. Unchain yourself from station show times and feel the true freedom of Topfield.

Key features of TF7050HDRt:

  • Pause, record, rewind LIVE HDTV
  • Record High Definition digital TV channel and playback simultaneously (single tuner)
  • Built in large 250GB hard disk drive: record up to 34 hours of HDTV and 135 hours of SDTV
  • External hard disk storage supported up to 500GB: record up to 68 hours of HDTV and 270 hours of SDTV
  • Powerful trick mode supported (One touch recording, timed recording, time shifting, bookmarking)
  • HDMI digital video & audio output (1920 x 1080i): HDMI cable is included
  • Front VFD display screen
  • 256 colors on-screen-display (OSD)
  • 7 day electronic program guide [EPG]
  • Recharge your MP3 player and playback MP3 files
  • Widescreen view 16:9 & 4:3
  • Super fast forward and rewind by progress bar using volume up and down
  • Fast forward speed up to 6 times, rewind speed up to 3 times
  • Slow motion playback of 1/8 times
  • Playback of the selected region repeatedly
  • Video editing functions
  • USB2.0, component, RCA, S/PDIF
  • Firmware update by USB2.0 or RS-232

TOPFIELD’s new TF7050HDRt is available now at all good leading electrical retailers at RRP of $549. And don’t forget to visit our new website for the latest additions to our HD family of PVRs and set top boxes.