By Claire Reilly

Canstar Blue has released the results of its latest consumer satisfaction survey, which polled Australians on their preferred brand of dishwasher. Coming out on top was German manufacturer Miele, which received the highest possible score of five stars in six out of the seven total categories.

Miele received five stars for performance, reliability, noise, internal layout, warranty and service, and overall satisfaction. Its four-star score in the value for money competency was below Bosch’s five-star score, with Bosch earning four stars in each other category to bring it in at second place in terms of brand rankings.

LG, Westinghouse and Fisher & Paykel ranked next, each pulling in a combination of four- and three-star ratings, while Dishlex, Electrolux and Whirlpool each scored three-star rankings in every competency.

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Curiously, the survey also took responses on how consumers use their dishwasher, noting that 4 in 10 respondents used their dishwashers to clean things such as sponges, toothbrushes and sports shoes, aside from the regular dishware, cutlery and heavy trays and pans.

“It seems using dishwashers to clean items other than dishes and cutlery is saving many Australians time and elbow grease,” said Canstar Blue manager, Rebecca Logan.

“The results also showed 73 per cent of respondents go to the trouble of rinsing items before loading them in the dishwasher,” she added.

“Another interesting highlight of the survey was the fact that 30 per cent of respondents weren’t aware of how to perform basic maintenance of their dishwasher to ensure it operates at its best. We’d encourage consumers to familiarise themselves with their user manual to learn how to take good care of their dishwashers to reduce servicing costs.”

The survey of 675 respondents who had purchased a dishwasher in the past 3 years was conducted in association with the market research company Colmar Brunton.

A table showing each brand's ranking in the Canstar Blue dishwasher survey.