By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Panasonic Australia has appointed Jacques Van Deventer as product manager, Commercial Plasma Display, Business Systems to oversee product strategy and sales for the group.

Van Deventer has almost a decade of experience in digital signage and commercial panel technology, having joined Panasonic from NEC. He moved to Australia from South Africa in 1998, having formerly worked with the country’s Local Government Affairs Council. While at NEC he oversaw a number of large scale digital display projects as a Senior Account Manager, including those in the transport sector.

Van Deventer said it was an exciting time to join Panasonic.

“There is significant opportunity in the commercial plasma sector as Australian businesses seek more dynamic ways to entertain and inform their customers,” Van Deventer said.

“Areas such as digital signage are rapidly growing and Panasonic’s high quality plasma panels are perfect for providing large, moving images for public displays,” he said.

“We are seeing significant interest from a wide range of businesses from industries as diverse as education and training institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail environments and hospitality.”

Unlike traditional forms of signage such as billboards and point-of-sale posters, Panasonic’s digital signage solution allows the delivery of rich content such as video or animation. Panasonic’s plasma display panels can be almost instantly updated from anywhere in the world using wireless, WAN, LAN or even satellite networks.