By Adam Coleman

MELBOURNE: Electrolux revealed a selection of its new premium Electrolux Gallery Collection at an event in Melbourne yesterday, which includes 25 kitchen appliances designed in the company’s European design studio and manufactured in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The collection is made up of an oven range including one pyrolytic model; ceramic, gas and induction cooktops; canopy, retractable and universal rangehoods; dishwashers, a microwave and a coffee machine.

“As with all Electrolux products, this new generation of cutting edge appliances are designed with the consumer in mind,” said Electrolux Group marketing director, Nicholas Gibson.

“Our observational research into the use of our products, in both the domestic and professional kitchen environment, enables us to continually evolve and develop our products, always with the user at the heart of any innovation or design."

Electrolux Gallery’s new 600mm oven range is based on a patented new Access system, the company believes revolutionary.

The new system combines a high performance condensation chamber with an Acentric internal fan which claims to use less energy while producing more succulent meals.

The Electrolux Gallery Side Opening oven EOB6740X (RRP $1,149) is designed with ergonomic functinalty in mind and allows the user closer access to the oven than a drop down door.

Electrolux’s new ‘Pyrolux’ pyrolytic oven EOB6800X (RRP 1,899) is self cleaning at the push of a button, by running through a safe high temperature cycle that incinerates fat and food residue, leaving only ash to brush out.

The company has also released a new induction cooktop EHD8690P (RRP $2,299).

The new Electrolux Gallery range is available to selected retailers now.