After complaints from Whirlpool.

The US Department of Commerce will impose 52.51% anti-dumping duty on selected Samsung washing machines produced in its Chinese entity, Suzhou Samsung Electronics, and 32.12% on selected LG washing machines built in its Chinese entity Nanjin LG-Panda Appliances Co.

The ruling came as a response to a petition filed by Whirlpool Corporation against the two Korean giants for selling China-made washing machines below a fair value in the US market. If the US International Trade Investigation (ITC) upholds the finding, Samsung and LG would be charged 30% to 50% higher punitive tariffs when exporting the products to the US.

The latest move is aimed at China as Korean manufacturers can assemble their products in manufacturing bases outside China to avoid the levy.

washing-machinesSamsung responded to the ruling through a statement supplied to Appliance Retailer, “Samsung is pleased that the US Department of Commerce’s ruling confirms that we did not inappropriately increase imports prior to the preliminary determination, leading to no retroactive duties. We are, however, disappointed by the Department’s final duty rate calculations. These calculations were based on an unrealistic benchmark price that did not reflect market realities.

“Samsung remains committed to fair competition and delivering innovation to the marketplace and will continue to deliver products that meet the highest standards in design, performance, and quality to our customers.”