By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Haier Australia has thrown down a challenge to its competitors to prove that its new 9kg Double Drive Top Load Washer does not offer superior performance and a better wash result than any other comparable top load washer on the market.

Among the bold claims Haier made today at its Silverwater showroom, the company revealed its new Double Drive technology offers a washing effect that is 50 per cent better than similar capacity washing machines and 50 per cent more energy efficient.

Haier has also backed the single product featuring the Double Drive technology with a 10 year warranty.

Haier will be supporting the release of the Double Drive with an eye-catching product display stand, a selection of point of sale material, sales incentives for the retailer, a 30-day trial for the consumer, free home delivery and installation.

“The bottom line of this advanced technology is a washer that not only offers cleaner results than existing similar capacity washing machines, but is also more efficient where time, water and energy usage are concerned,” said Haier Australia national marketing manager, Tony Gersback.

The Double Drive top loader features a pulsator and an inner drum that rotate in opposite directions.

According to Gersback, this results in a more effective wash action that ensures detergent is evenly distributed through the wash.

“It is truly a unique wash action. It is strong yet gentle and unlike some other competitors’ models, the clothes don’t just move around on the top of the wash.”

The product will be initially launched in New South Wales, before being rolled out to other Australian states as well as New Zealand.

“We will start with a small number of stores and we can focus on the promotion and the sales assistance, and let retailers know and explain how this Double Drive works,” said Haier Australia CEO, Karl Qin.

“It’s a top-end product,” said Gersback.

“Its competitors are probably the Maytags and the Kleenmaid products of the world. So it is a niche end of the market. We are selecting retailers who can effectively range the product.”

Haier also claimed the new model is one of the quietest models on the market.

“We have tested this product against some of our competitor’s products and we are more than surprised at how quiet it actually is.”

The Double Drive is tested and rated to wash 9kg of laundry and will retail for $1,499. Its quick wash option takes less than 30 minutes, while a whole wash cycle can be completed in 41 minutes.