By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: As the price of TVs continues to drop, so too are some actual flat screens, causing the nationwide recall of certain wall mounts due to joint compartments not fitting together.

Slipped elbow joint threads on the Sanus Vision Mount may cause TVs to tilt and potentially fall during adjustments.

The Sanus Vision Mount (LF228) supplied by Home Theatre Group was distributed by Harvey Norman stores nationwide.

The recall of over 131,000 TV wall mount brackets in the United States earlier this month led an Australian company to urge more caution be taken when purchasing TV wall brackets, as reported on

Australian TV wall mounting specialists Adtec, said an appealing design does not guarantee safe installation.

“Having aesthetically pleasing qualities doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety for flat panel mounting in the home and commercial situation,” said Adtec managing director, Jerome Green.

The company also recommended tips for consumers mounting their TVs saying, “Think twice before hanging a TV – no matter how lightweight is seems be – on an inferior mount. A good television mount is strong enough to sustain the equipment.”

Consumers who purchased the LF228 have been asked to contact Home Theatre Group on 07 3267 1355.