By Patrick Avenell

Miele has today announced their new H5000 series of ovens and cooking appliances. Included in this series is a range of ovens, coffee machines, microwaves and a warming drawer.

In regard to the ovens, three main features have been the strategic focus. These are an increase in cavity sizes, versatility and functionality, and design features.

The increases in cavity sizes have been made possible without expanding the external dimensions. This has been made possible the application of “space-saving electronic components and advanced engineering technology,” according to a Miele spokesperson.

In real terms, the 60cm wide oven cabinets now have a capacity of 66 litres which, Miele report, is a 30% increase on their H4000 range. The new 90cm oven has a cavity volume of 85 litres, while the new Miele microwave has a usable capacity of 43 litres.

For versatility and functionality, the H5000 ovens has features including ‘Moisture Plus’, which automates the amount of water taken in to be converted to steam; and low temperature cooking for slow roasting. The touch display has over 100 automatic programmes, with the ability to store “more than 20 of your own recipes.”

The H5000 range has characteristic horizontal lines, so that appliances in the range do not clash design-wise in the kitchen. Also included in the design is the ‘CleanSteel’ feature, which, Miele claim, is fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

The range includes:

Miele H5981, a 90cm oven, RRP $10,499.
Miele H5081 BP, a 60cm oven, RRP $4,999.
Miele H5040B, a 60cm oven, RRP $1,999.
Miele CVA 3660, a built-in coffee machine, RRP $2,999.
Miele CVA 3650, a freestanding coffee machine, RRP $2,999.
Miele DGC 5080, a steam cooker, RRP $5,199.
Miele M 8201-1, a freestanding microwave, RRP $999.
Miele ESW 5080-29, a warming drawer, RRP $1,599.