With latest promotion.

Consumers purchasing a Uniden App Cam Solo+ triple or quad pack will receive a bonus Uniden Solar Panel as part of the latest promotion that runs until 31 January 2019.

Uniden national marketing communications manager, Brad Hales said, “Uniden’s campaign will assist retailers to upsell from App Cam Solo+ single and twin packs, offering consumers the bonus Solar Panel.

“Home security does sell well into the holiday periods, helping to keep watch on properties while people are away over Christmas and New Year. The promotion provides a whole home security solution that’s reliable and affordable.

“Providing an additional Solar Panel will keep Uniden’s App Cam Solo+ competitive within the home security category during the busiest period for retailers.”

Usually retailing at $79.95, the optional Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera and positioned for optimal sunlight exposure. This accessory will recharge the App Cam Solo+, while providing non-stop power during daylight hours.

The weatherproof App Cam Solo+ replaces the popular App Cam Solo wire-free camera, and includes improved functionality, such as Thermo Sense Technology, rechargeable batteries and an optional solar power connection for an uninterrupted power supply.

App Cam Solo + single RRP $279.95

App Cam Solo + twin pack RRP $499.95

App Cam Solo + triple pack RRP $749.95

App Cam Solo + quad pack RRP $899.95

Solar Panel RRP $79.95 (free with App Cam Solo+ triple and quad packs)