New products coming soon.

The security market is showing no signs of a slowdown, according to Uniden national marketing and communications manager, Brad Hales (pictured), and this growth has driven increased interest in new features and technology.

“Demand for products with high end specifications grows as brands offer more features across mid to high-end products in order to hold value longer,” he said.

“Smart home technology is also becoming increasingly popular with Google Home, Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa. Consumers are looking for products with this technology to enable seamless integration in the home,” he added.

Hales said that smart technology integration will be seen in future products, along with artificial intelligence (AI).

“Uniden is looking forward to a strong second half of 2018 with marketing campaigns and new product planned for Q3 and into 2019. Home security and dash cam marketing campaigns will appear on national radio, while product ambassadors will promote UHF radio and dash cams from outdoor 4WD TV shows,” he said.

“Uniden offers a complete range of home and business security solutions from wire-free, Wi-Fi and wired security cameras. The company has been in the consumer technology market for more than 50 years and is backed by a strong sales team, offering support and on hand to help with instore merchandise executions.”