Uniden has released the iGO Cam 75 and 75R with Ai sign recognition and 2K video resolution.

The iGO Cam 75, RRP $249.95 (pictured below) features a 135-degree ultra-wide viewing angle to review road vision and incidents. The 75R, RRP $299.95 (pictured above) includes an additional full HD ultra-wide 150-degree rear dual camera to capture more action with front and rear cameras that record simultaneously. A magnetic slide bracket allows the dash cam to easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Drivers can directly transfer footage to a smartphone using the camera’s in-built Wi-Fi and the Uniden iGO app to replay or share incidents, instead of using a Micro SD card.

The GPS antenna inside the mount enables geotagging, as well as records direction travelling, speed and location. For added peace of mind, when a vehicle is parked on the street or in a carpark, an in-built sensor will detect any sudden vibration and begin recording for a limited period, even when the engine is switched off.

With Ai sign recognition, drivers are alerted of speed limits, in addition to speed and red light camera warnings, while in-built sensors detect low external lighting conditions and prompt drivers to turn the headlights on. The iGO Cam 75 and 75R are powered by a supercapacitor, providing a longer lifespan and wider range of operating temperatures than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

In September, Uniden will release two additional models, the Ultra 4K iGO Cam 90 and 90R smart dash cams.