By Patrick Avenell in Shunde

SYDNEY, NSW: On the back of announcing a 3-year warranty for its entire Bravia range, Sony Australia today released information supporting its “not all TVs are created equal” slogan.

According to the information released today from one of Sony’s manufacturing plants in Asia, Bravia LCD TVs are assembled through three phases: auto mount, hand mount and main assembly.

Auto mount refers to the chip part mounting and a mount quality inspection. Hand mounting involves manual parts mounting, data writing and function testing. Main assembly is the final step, incorporating main parts assembly, picture adjustment, inspection and packing.

Sony reported that Bravia TVs are quality control tested for picture, sound and reliability. The colour, contrast and black levels are analysed by both a computer specialising in colour analysis and by human visual inspection.

Known in Japan as ‘poka-yoke’, or in Australia as fail-safe, Sony uses manufacturing processes to ensure its patented product qualities and technologies will not be leaked. According to Sony, this is one of the rare occasions that an insight has been given into the Bravia manufacturing process.

Talking about this is Sony Australia deputy general manager, consumer products marketing, Toby Barbour.

“Sony’s heritage in television quality is unsurpassed. We have a long history in TV innovation from our Trinitron range, but this is a strength that is reflected to this day under our BRAVIA brand,” Barbour said.

“Our goal is not only to ensure we continue to develop innovative products, but also to produce TVs that pay attention to quality and use top-of-the-line testing processes. We recognise that a flat panel television is a significant investment and that Australians want to ensure they’re making the best decision for their families in terms of enjoyment and longevity.”