By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Electrolux and Simpson are currently recalling 185,000 faulty washing machines, after it was discovered the appliances may emit electric shocks under certain conditions. According to a company spokesperson, 175,000 of these are in Australia and 10,000 are in New Zealand.

The major fault in the machines is a breach to the lid-locking switch device. This aperture means that water and detergent can spill into the switch, conducting a “very low electric current to the lid and its surrounds”.

Although referred to as a “precautionary measure”, the recall notice states that users “may experience a mild tingling sensation in [their] fingertips when [they] touch the top of the machine”.

Although the fear of electrocution may be too great for some, users can still operate their machines, providing the machine is switched off when loading and unloading, and when not in use.

Electrolux and Simpson will be correcting the fault through service calls, which will be free of charge. It is estimated these calls will take around 30 minutes. Affected users are advised to call 1800 001 218 for more info.

The following Simpson washing machines have been recalled: 22S750M, 22S950M, SWT552SA, SWT605SA, SWT802SA, SWT902SA, SWT955SA.

The following Electrolux washing machines have been recalled: EWT606SA, EWT806SA, EWT806SB, EWT959SA.