By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE: TEAC have launched two new LCD TV/DVD combos. This represents the first time TEAC have entered the high definition LCD television market.

The television part of the combos come in small-range sizes – the 19-inch LCDV1955HD (RRP $749) and the 22-inch LCDV2255HD (RRP $849). Both models feature HD tuners and the MST-ACE chip, which TEAC claims delivers improved colour and contrast and much greater detail. The images are broadcast in 1080i high definition, making it a notch below the current premium range.

Aside from the included DVD player, the panel is equipped with MMC, MS and SD card readers, which enable playback of downloaded movies and photographs without cable connection or data transfer.

The timing of this release is in line with the major television retailers, all of which are eager to attract the pre-Olympic Games dollar. Interestingly, these two product are differentiated in that they are of a more compact size, appropriate considering LCD’s limitations in the over 42-inch market. Secondly, with Panasonic launching their complete Blu-ray Disc range this week, and with more to follow, there is the possibility that the DVD player market will become obsolete faster than expected.

Regardless, TEAC are bullish in their prospects for their LCD/DVD combo. “Automatic and easy to use, you will be able to access every channel available in Australia in beautiful high quality [and] playback from any external devices is easy to connect and brilliant to watch,” (sic) a TEAC spokesperson said.