Seeley International’s Convair heating range for 2011 has taken a bold step for winter, featuring contemporary designs to suit modern living spaces. The Convair Prestigio glass panel convection heaters, which feature a stylish glass fascia, bring a new sense of design and fashion to the electrical heating category. 2011 also sees the launch of the Convair Megaheat mica-thermic panel heater


The Convair Prestigio range offers a point of difference to cross the bridge between functionality and aesthetics and is available in two sizes (1500W or 2000W heat output). With a choice of black or white attractive glass finish, it can be wall-mounted or used as a moveable heater to bring warmth and a contemporary feel to any room in the home.
Behind the sleek and attractive glass façade, the Convair Prestigio series also includes a wide range of features and impressive design characteristics.
Boasting a wide ranging electronic thermostat (5-35°C), remote control, timer and LED temperature display as standard, Prestigio also incorporates advanced element design and safety features.

The Fluted ‘X’ element design provides a very large surface area for air to pass over – this means that the element operates at a lower operating temperature, so the heater remains relatively ‘cool to touch’ (under 60 degrees) and prolongs the operational life of the element.
Additional safety features include a tip-over switch, auto-shutoff for overheating and an extra switch on the side of the heater to prevent accidental turning on with the remote control.
Combined with the thermostat, this creates a more responsive and effective heater than other forms of panels (which use the wire filament or solid style element).



In addition to the Prestigio range, Seeley International has launched the Convair Megaheat mica-thermic portable heater. With a powerful 2000W output and LED touch controls, Megaheat also has a remote control with timer and electronic thermostat (15-35°C). It offers three heat settings (low, medium and high) and, with the large surface area of the regulated mica-thermic element, offers instant heat on startup.

Weighing less than 50 per cent of a comparative oil radiant heaters and a build quality which will be hard to find in other mica-thermic radiants, Megaheat will ‘turn up the heat’ in this segment.

Convair is a long established brand of heating and cooling and is part of the growing list of prestigious brands owned and distributed by Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer. The Convair brand has been a market leader in the portable air conditioning market for nearly 40 years – thanks to its product range and comprehensive service and spares network, supported by a two-year replacement warranty for all Convair heaters and fans.

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