By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Miele Australia managing director, Michael Jeanes, has confirmed that his company may surpass its ambitious forecast of doubling turnover to $300 million from 2006 to 2010, despite the loss of his national sales manager, Martin Carter.

Jeanes told that the company is continuing to perform strongly, despite a soft housing market and patchy consumer confidence.

“As per the end of January, Miele Australia was 18 per cent ahead of last year,” Jeanes said.

When asked whether the brand will be able to meet the ambitious target of $300 million by 2010, which would represent doubling the turnover in a five period, Jeanes was bullish.

“[We are] most definitely [on track], maybe this target will be achieved even sooner,” he said.

Jeanes said he would not be able to comment on the departure of his national sales manager, which unexpectedly occurred yesterday morning.

“Miele has no further comments to add to the original communication,” Jeanes said.

When asked about a succession plan within the company, Jeanes indicated that there are no plans to replace Carter at this stage.

“This is currently still being reviewed, but the position is unlikely to be replaced,” Jeanes said.

A document sent to Miele Chartered Agents yesterday instructed all retailers of the brand to now contact the relevant state manager.