LG Electronics Australia (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, have announced the launch of its new, premium high definition digital video recorder with integrated Wi-Fi. The LG MS400 HD DVR makes enjoying the freedom of wireless connectivity easy.

The LG MS400 HD DVR provides powerful multi-format playability. Featuring HDMI v1.3 Full HD contents playback, the MS400 supports 1080p up-scaling and a variety of file formats, while built in DLNA and Wi-Fi allows users to easily share their favourite movie, music and photo files.

“LG is committed to providing sophisticated, quality home entertainment products that are easy to use and easily accessible. The MS400 satisfies these criteria enhancing the user experience,” said Stan Bilinski, Senior Category Marketing Manager, LG Electronics Australia. “People are increasingly getting involved in sharing social aspects of their lives with friends and family over the internet. The wireless network capability of the MS400 combined with its association with YouTube, Picassa and multiple storage options means sharing photos, music and movies has never been easier.”

Consumers with a high-speed internet connectivity and UCC streaming have the ability to enjoy web contents without a PC with the MS409D. Search and play a wide range of videos from YouTube in full screen on your television, or download and view images from photo-sharing site Picassa, Zoom in and out of pictures and movies with Zoom View, or watch your photos in a slide show to your choice of music. The MS400 also supports Common Internet File System (CIFS) which can copy and delete media files conveniently, without the need for a PC.

The intelligent MS400’s built-in HD Tuner enables users to watch high-definition TV programs without the use of a set-top box. Twin Tuners means users can record two different HD channels while watching previously recorded content, or record one HD channel at the same time as watching another HD channel live. 8days EPG provides TV program information for the following eight days, and features a reservation recording function. Users can essentially pause live TV with the MS400’s Time Shift feature, which will temporarily save a live TV program onto the player’s hard disk drive (HDD). The program can then be watched from the precise moment it was stopped at any later time.

Safely store and manage a variety of media files including TV programs on the MS400’s built in 250 GB (MS408) or 500GB (MS409) HDD. If more storage is needed, consumers can purchase a detachable HDD which is easily connected to the MS409D which can store huge files safely and quickly. The MS409 also features a support USB to connect a further external HDD.

The sophisticated LG MS400 Series HD DVR will be available with two HDD storage sizes in 250GB and 500GB. The LG MS408 HD DVR includes a 250GB HDD for SRP $849, while the LG MS409 HD DVR includes a 500GB HDD for SRP $999.


  • Video playback in Full HD with 1080p up scaling (MKV, DivX HD)
  • Built-in DLNA and Wi-Fi
  • Global Web Site www.lge.com
  • UCC streaming for YouTube and Picassa access with high speed internet connection
  • Integrated Twin HD Tuner
  • Time Shift function
  • 250GB/500GB built-in storage, detachable HDD Slot (3.5” SATA), USB host
  • Multi-format playability
  • Music photo slide show capability, Zoom View
  • X2 Sound Playability

For more information please visit the LG website at www.lge.com or call 1800 LG CARE (1800 542 273) for stockists.
*Internet access required, charges may apply. Check with your internet service provider.