By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia general manager of consumer AV and IT sales, David Hargreaves, told retailers that the message to the market continues to be about better communication and education at the shopfront.

Addressing retailers on the opening day of the Sony Experience More event in Sydney, Hargreaves said that the message to the market remains the same.

“When I was preparing for Sony Experience More, I looked back at some of my previous addresses that I have given to you over the years and many of the themes have been the same. Each time I’ve spoken about better communication and education at the shopfront. 

“In terms of communication, looking back over the past year, I’m pleased to say that we’ve worked hard to create a Sony team and a series of programs that work for you.

“We’ve rolled out two high impact promotions this year, Spiderman 3 and Casino Royale, that have really delivered.

“Throughout this next year, you will see even more Sony United activities coming to life, promotions that have proven themselves as revenue generators for us all.

“Outside of specific promotions, we know that investing in the shopfront pays dividends for us all because it’s shown to provide a platform for additional sales through education, demonstration and communication.

“This year we will be investing further in a variety of displays, shopfront programs and opportunities for co-op to give you every opportunity to drive a higher average selling price and ultimately higher margins.

“Basically any way we can help you sell more Sony we’re interested in,” Hargreaves said.

“I also want you to know that we are happy to invest in you if you invest in us.”