By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Miele has today announced the release of its new RRP $999 vacuum cleaner, which is claims is unrivalled in today’s floorcare market.

The S7580 is a garnet red upright vacuum with Sealed System HEPA filtration. This model collects dust and dirt into a 9-layer HyClean dustbag with a 6-litre capacity.

Key features of this new model include SwivelNeck technology, which incorporates power-steering techniques to improve manoeuvrability; auto-height adjustment for when moving between floor surfaces; and an integrated telescopic wand for use with the on-board cleaning tools.

“With a remarkably quiet 1,800-watt motor, the S7 floorcare range uses power efficiently yet economically. In addition, the S 7580 Autocare HEPA features an energy saving Automatic setting, which cleverly selects the correct suction level, taking the guesswork out of cleaning and providing optimal cleaning results,” said a Miele spokesperson.

The other model in the S7 range is the black S7210, which is RRP $799.

“Made in Germany, this range has been manufactured using Miele’s ‘One Man, One Machine’ manufacturing philosophy, whereby each product is assembled by hand from start to finish by one Miele employee. Such assembly control is complemented by the use of only the highest quality, raw materials and technology in the manufacturing and assembly process.”